How Much Does It Cost To Upgrade Different Car Interiors?

How Much Does It Cost To Upgrade Different Car Interiors?

If you are someone who loves customizing their car, then we are sure that you would want the inside to match how good the outside looks. 

When you own a car, you have the freedom to modify it in any manner you see fit, whether you want to install a luggage rack in the trunk or switch out the wheels for a new type.

How Much Does It Cost To Upgrade Different Car Interiors?

So what are the options for interior car customization? And how much will all of this cost you?

While it is hard to give exact costs as every company will have quite different prices for services, we are going to try and give you the average prices. 

Here is how to upgrade the inside of your car, and how much it will set you back. 

Average Total Cost

The price of an entry-level leather inside will be at least $4,500, and the price of a customized interior on average may go as high as $15,000 to $20,000 depending on the degree of customization that is requested by the customer.

The cost of a street rod interior for example will start at a minimum of $6,500 and work its way up from there.

Upgrade Costs

Carpet Change – Free – $200

When a car has been driven for many years, the carpets inside may start to seem worn, especially on the side that faces the driver and is located behind the pedals. 

Not only that, but carpets are typically boring because the majority of manufacturers choose depressing hues like black or gray for their products. This contributes to the overall lackluster quality of carpets.

If the current carpets are showing signs of wear and tear, why not replace them with fresh new ones? The vast majority of businesses that specialize in automobile modification also offer carpet replacement services.

This provides you with the opportunity to add some color or pattern to the upholstery of the vehicle, depending on the particular organization. 

Although it is not an easy process, replacing the carpets on your own is something that can be done for a much lower cost.

Reupholstering Car Seats – $200 – $750 (For Every Seat)

It is essential to keep in mind that during the entirety of the process of reupholstering the seat, you will be paying for the costs of both the materials and the labor.

You can also use this service to change the fabrics in the doors and ceilings so that everything matches better )(though this will be another added cost). 

An auto upholster is a person who repairs or installs new seats, carpet, or interior trim in a vehicle. They are very knowledgeable and can completely replace the upholstery and can create solutions to meet your specific needs. 

Changing Steering Wheel – $1000 – $2000

The whole front dashboard of your car, in addition to the steering wheel, is replaceable if you have the time and money necessary to make the necessary adjustments. This also applies to pretty much every other component that is located within the cabin of your car. 

Experts in car customization can aid you in producing a whole new appearance for the principal dashboard and driver controls of your vehicle. This allows you to create something that is completely one-of-a-kind.

Changing Dashboard – $1800 – $2000

It should come as no surprise that changing the entire dashboard will result in increased costs since this will need the purchase of not just the new dashboard but also a number of the individual components that make up the dashboard. 

There is, however, no better way to give your car a whole new look and feel, provided that you are willing to go to the lengths that are necessary and pay the expense that is connected with it.

Changing Diver Controls – $500 – Whatever You Want

It is not essential to replace the entire dashboard to clean things up a bit; rather, you can make a few basic tweaks to the controls for the driver and the dash itself. This will accomplish the same thing. 

To get started, you might want to think about changing to sportier pedals. This is a change that can be made in a relatively short length of time and does not need significant financial investment.

How much does it cost to upgrade different car interiors

You could also replace the gear knob and handbrake lever with new ones. 

Both of these are very basic upgrades that have the potential to have a substantial impact on the vehicle.

Installing a cover for the steering wheel is yet another option; however, you need to make sure that this does not make it more difficult for you to keep your hold on the wheel.

Change The Seat Belts – $100 Each

Are you tired of your boring black seat belts? Or maybe they have become damaged and you are looking for a replacement. If so, why not go for a fun colorful seatbelt to add a pop of color to your car

Safety Restore is able to both fix the webbing on your seatbelts, as well as provide you with up to 31 colors of seatbelts to choose from.

If any of these colors don’t match your style though, you can even source your own webbing and they can use it for you! With a 24hr 1-2 business day service turnover time, this is one of the fastest ways to improve the interior of your car. 

Benefits Of Changing Your Cars Interior

More Unique

If you want your car to stand out from the crowd, give it a personality that’s all its own and distinguishable from those of its competitors.

More Comfortable

You may improve the comfort of your driving position by improving conventional components like the seats. This could involve adding additional cushioning or updating the seats themselves.

Better Features

If you are willing to spend money on sprucing up the interior, you may be able to profit from premium features and fixtures, which have a nicer feel to them and function more effectively than the originals.

Will Sell For More

If you want to make a profit off of the sale of your car, you should focus on luring buyers from a particular category of the market.

If you make the appropriate adjustments to the inside of your car, you may be able to increase its resale value and make it more appealing to clients who are looking for a certain kind of vehicle.


Redoing the interior of your car has many benefits, and is also pretty easy to do either by yourself or by professionals It is something that costs as much as you need it to, and you can spend as much or as little as you want on the project. 

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