Is It Cheaper To Reupholster Or Buy New?

Is It Cheaper To Reupholster Or Buy New?

It’s not always easy to determine if you should reupholster your automobile interior. There are other aspects to consider, including whether you truly require it, if you really can afford it, and whether the investment is worthwhile.

Understanding these issues, as well as what goes into vehicle seat re-upholstery, is critical. Knowing what to expect and how much it will cost will help you decide whether or not you actually need to have your car reupholstered.

Is It Cheaper To Reupholster Or Buy New?

This information will assist you in evaluating whether car seat reupholstering is the best option for you.

What Is Car Reupholstery?

You can employ many types of automobile upholstery. Some customers like classic seat coverings, while others elect to have their interior fabric replaced entirely using new vehicle upholstery. 

Conventional car seat coverings are distinct from other types of automotive upholstery in that they do not require changing or reupholstering. 

To put it another way, standard seat coverings simply wrap around the existing interior material. These are usually simple to set up, but they might have to be modified on a regular basis.

Introducing additional car upholstery to your vehicle can enhance your experience of driving while also increasing its worth. The seat material is usually the section of the interior that gets the most wear and tear over the years. 

What Is The Car Reupholstery Process?

You will be paying the automobile upholstery company for supplies and labour if you hire a company to reupholster car seats. The fabric chosen to change the current upholstery, as well as foam and batting if needed, are included in the materials. 

Removal of existing upholstery, creation of a trimming templates or patterns, addition of foam and padding to broken places, and potential spring repairs are all included in the labour costs.

After that, it’s time to reupholster the seats with the appropriate fabric and the necessary equipment and supplies to keep the cloth in place. That is only a rudimentary overview of what it takes to reupholster automobile interiors, but it is a time-consuming procedure.

You must not only remove the old upholstery, but also firmly put the replacement ones in place and guarantee that they do not slide about over time.

A popular reason to have one car seat reupholstered is the presence of burn marks. This section explains the steps involved in repairing a tiny section of a seat.

Fixing a burn hole, such as one caused by a cigarette can also be labour intensive and costly. 

If a specific region requires repair, experts cut the requisite length of matching fabric, re-foam the area if necessary, and afterwards stitch it in place. It is normally a full panel of the seat, not just a small section.

When Is It Necessary to Reupholster Your Car?

Car reupholstery is a technique used to enhance your old car interior, and modify the aesthetics if you are dissatisfied with the upholstery you have now, but it is most commonly used to repair broken car seats.

Whether you need a repair or a total reupholster depends on the amount of the damage to your seats. If you consider how much cost and labour goes into vehicle upholstery, you’ll be able to determine whether you really need it.

What Is The Cost Of Car Reupholstery?

When it comes to prices, there is no one-size-fits-all solution because each work is unique and must be examined individually.

The cost of everything varies, from customization to repair and installation. Car seats range in price from $200 to $750 per seat, with prices ranging from $500 to $2,000 for a couple of seats and a backbench seat. 

The prices vary due to the size, design, and materials of the vehicle, as well as the order, make, and model year.

In the case of bespoke slipcover installation, charges could range from $100 to $800, bringing the total expenses to $200 to $1800.

Complete car reupholstery, with headlining, carpeting, seating, side and sail panelling, and so on, can cost between $1,000 and $4,000. 

The full cost could be upwards of $5,100 to $10,000, depending on the factors mentioned before. Before determining the cost of car seat upholstery, we must conduct thorough study into the scenario’s pricing.

If you also need your seatbelts webbing replaced to match your new reupholstered car, Safety Restore offers fantastic services at competitive prices. 

They even offer colored seat belt webbing replacement services, so don’t delay – follow the link above to check out their website and discover some unrivalled deals today. 

Can You Reupholster Your Own Car Seats?

You can reupholster vehicle seats yourself, but you should only do so if you have the required knowledge and skills to complete the job properly. Otherwise, you risk more interior damage, which will increase the cost of purchasing or repairing the vehicle.

You can save money by reupholstering automobile seats yourself. You’ll save money on labour, but you’ll need to buy a few supplies, such as markers, textiles, and scissors.

Is It Cheaper To Reupholster Or Buy New

Consider allocating several hours to reupholstering automobile seats.

If you have no idea what reupholstering automobile seats entails, you should leave it to the specialists. It may be expensive, however the end result is well worth the investment.

How Much Are New Car Seats?

Buying a whole new seat in parts is incredibly expensive (thousands of dollars), but you can buy individual components of the seat when you only require the foam or upholstery. 

Unfortunately, leather car seat covers for the driver’s side can be upwards of $1000, however, If you only require the seat foam, the cost is around $200.

You can also purchase aftermarket seats online which are much cheaper and prices vary widely. You can also purchase salvage car seats, but if your problem is prevalent, the salvage car seats might have the same or similar issues.

Final Thoughts

Car reupholstery can be very expensive, depending on many different factors such as the type of car you have and the work you want to do. 

You should make sure that you thoroughly research the company you wish to complete your reupholstery work and their prices before you commit. 

If you decide to save money by completing the work yourself or buy your own new car seats and fit them, make sure you bone up on the necessary knowledge and skills to do the job properly. 

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