How Can I Modify My Dashboard In My Car?

How Can I Modify My Dashboard In My Car?

If you have bought an old car or you have an older model of car, then you might be looking at your dashboard as a potentially sorry sight.

This is because, like the rest of your car, the dashboard can also succumb to wear and tear.

However, a dashboard can be altered in many ways. You can always sup it up with a new sound system or air conditioning unit.

How Can I Modify My Dashboard In My Car?

You can also give it a new paint job, which is very important if you are looking to totally revamp the inside of your car.

So how exactly can you go about implementing these changes? Should you attempt a paint job yourself or is it better to get a professional to do it for you?

How can you install a new sound system into your dash?

Why Should I Modify My Dashboard?

There are many reasons why you might want a new dashboard. It is the most visible part of the car and can be seen from both the inside and the outside.

By changing your dashboard, you could potentially alter the entire look and feel of your car’s interior.

It can also help you improve your car’s performance, as it will help increase the way in which you interact with your dashboard.

If you have improved features, then the car will run a lot more smoothly.

If you have decent media in your car, then you’ll also be able to play better sounds as well as improved air conditioning and dashboard readouts.

You can also have LED backlighting that will help you to see your speed, petrol and windscreen washer levels in low lighting.

In short, changing your dashboard can have a lot more significant effects on your car as a whole than you realise. So how can you improve your dashboard?

Setting Up A Touch Screen

Having a touch screen pad for your sound system as well as your air conditioning until will be one way to drag your old car into the 21st century.

At the touch of a button, you’ll be able to make your car colder or hotter, as well as selecting the bass and volume of your sound system.

Touch screens will also last you a lot longer, as the buttons won’t succumb to sticking, which is a common problem with the usual push buttons.

You can even get touch screens that contain small screens that you can use to watch TV programs or stream movies.

This is great if you want something to distract the children or teenagers when you are taking them to school in the morning.

These screens can also be used to check the temperature of the components in the agine. You can also get voice activation, which will allow you to focus on your driving.

You can also get a touch screen system that you can hook up to your phone so you can answer calls without breaking the law and taking your hands off the wheel.

Upgrade Your Gauges

Upgrade Your Gauges

When it comes to getting good readouts for your fuel and other aspects of you car’s engine, then you might want to upgrade your gauges.

Rather than having dials to monitor the oil pressure, the temperature and a tachometer, you can have these in accurate digital readouts.

However, we would recommend against having too many readouts on your dashboard, as this might clutter your dashboard and make it hard to discern one gauge from the next.

Alter The Material Of Your Dashboard

If you have a PVC dashboard, you might find that it succumbs to wear and tear a lot easier than some other materials. So why not change the material of your dashboard to something sturdier like leather.

You should also get a dashboard that will complement the style of yoru car. If you have a more sporty car, then you might want to get a leather dash that reflects this.

However, if you have a smaller car, then you might want to get something with fabric.

If you have a more classic car, then you might not want to opt for a digital dash, as this might be in keeping with the aesthetic of the car.

You’ll have to look at other models to see which type of dash is best suited for your type of vehicle.

Should You Get A Professional To Replace Your Dashboard?

Ultimately, this will be the main question. Replacing a dahs will take quite a lot of effort but you can do it yourself – although you might have to watch a lot of YouTube tutorials before you do so.

If you get a professional to do this for you, then you can be sure that you’ll have to dig deep in your pockets to do so.

One downside of having a professional to replace your dashboard is that they might not know exactly what you’ll be looking for in terms of features.

We would certainly recommend that you consult with the mechanic before you replace your dash, so you can give them the exactly specifications.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should I Replace My Dash?

You might be sick and tired of your old dashboard and be looking for a general aesthetic overhaul of your vehicle.

You might also feel restricted by some of the basic features on your dashboard.

What Materials Are Dashboards Made From?

You can get plenty of dashboards made from different materials. One of the most common materials for a dashboard is PVC, which is very durable and easy to wipe down.

Leather is also a very popular material for dashboards and will add a touch of class.

How Much Will I Have To Pay For A New Dashboard?

We would recommend that you shell out at least $1000 for a dashboard, although some of the ones made from expensive material will cost you that little bit extra.


We hope that our article has helped you to better decide whether or not you should modify your dash. Remember to bear in mind the make of your car before making amends.

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