How Much Do Car Wrappers Make

How Much Do Car Wrappers Make?

The car wrapper business is a very lucrative one, but it is also extremely competitive. The competition for business can be fierce, and those in the business must continuously work hard to stay ahead of the competition.

How Much Do Car Wrappers Make

The road to success will take patience and dedication as well as a great work ethic, but the rewards you reap will certainly be worth it. Once you have a trusted and well-established business, the job can pay incredibly well. 

What Does A Car Wrapper Do? 

So what exactly is a vehicle wrapper? Well, it is someone who is trained in wrapping cars with vinyl or plastic material. They will use specialized equipment to apply the material to the surface of the vehicle.

They are essentially responsible for changing the color and design of your car. 

As part of the job description, you may have a few different duties including adding logos to vehicles for companies, changing the color of individual parts of the vehicle or the whole car, or advising customers on the best options for them and their specific vehicle. 

This is the perfect career path for those with a love of cars and a natural flair for design.

Car Wrap Salary 

The salary for wrapping cars can range anywhere from around $50,000 to $100,000. Which end of the scale you land on can depend on several factors including, your level of skill, where you live, and your experience. 

The base-level salary for a car wrapper is approximately $60,000 annually with higher achievers averaging out at around $80,000.

Each company will have its own sets of benefits and the salary may differ from place to place, but the salary should always stay within this ballpark. 

If you are joining a company at an apprenticeship level you won’t be expected to be earning high wages at the beginning of your career, but do not let this put you off.

There are often opportunities for you to grow within the company and as you move up the ranks your salary will also begin to increase. 

Vehicle Wrapping Job Description And Career Path

Car wrapping can seem slightly difficult to step straight into, especially if you are inexperienced. It’s not very often that you will see job advertisements for this job without there being several requirements that you will need to meet.

So how do you get your foot in the door? 

I would always advise trying to start out working for a small business, such as garages, where you’ll probably start off as an apprentice, doing simple tasks such as applying logos to cars.

As you then gain more experience and start to become much more proficient in the craft, you’ll be entrusted with larger projects where you’ll start to have more creative control. 

It may also be a good idea to look into local courses and classes that you can take to learn how to wrap cars.

How Much Do Car Wrappers Make

This can help give you a basic knowledge and understanding and may also tip you ahead of other potential candidates that may be applying for the same positions as you. 

Once you have your skills down, you should then try and apply for a vehicle wrapping position with a larger reputable company.

You can often be hired on an entry-level wage (you’ll have to work your way up) and you’ll be given chances throughout your time there to grow your skills further.

You can also try applying for car dealerships as some dealerships will offer special incentives to those who wrap vehicles and this can also be a great way to boost your career. 

The great thing about this type of career is that the hardest part is actually getting your foot in the door, once you’re in it’s usually fairly easy to grow and develop your skill set.

In some instances, you may even find that you outgrow the company that you are working for, and you may decide to move on to new prospects. 

And once you have tons of experience and your skills are finely tuned, you may even decide to start up your own business and give that a go. 

Starting Up Your Own Car Wrapping Business

If you’ve built your skill set up, you may even be considering starting up your own car wrapping company. Starting a business is never easy. However, there are a few things you can do to make it easier for yourself. 

This type of business doesn’t necessarily require a ton of capital upfront, but it does rely heavily on word-of-mouth marketing. You’ll need to build up a clientele and more importantly, you need to make sure your customers are coming away happy.

The way you’ll boost your business is by getting great reviews. Once you build yourself a glowing reputation, you can then start charging higher rates and thus improve your profits. 

Luckily, building your clientele doesn’t need to be all that difficult. If you post advertisements online. If you do this consistently, when customers search for ‘car wraps near me’ you should start to appear among the results.

Another great way to get some extra business is to sell your services directly to your consumers through social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram. Creating a social media presence for your company can also be an effective strategy. 

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re at the very first steps of starting a car wrapping course, or you are ready to start your very first business, it is important to always remember that dedication and hard work are essential in order to succeed.

But once you put in the effort and give it your all, in time you will start to see all the benefits of that commitment. Following your dreams has never been easy, but it is worth it. 

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