How Long Does A Car Wrap Last

How Long Does A Car Wrap Last?

Car wrapping has become a very common practice amongst car owners who want to give their vehicle a personal touch.

How Long Does A Car Wrap Last

The idea behind this trend is simple: it makes your vehicle look individual, and sometimes even new.

Car wrapping is a great way to get your car looking good without spending much money, compared to a new paint job. However, it is important to note that car wrapping is temporary.

If you are wondering how long car wraps last, then we have the answer for you!

How Long Do Car Wraps Last?

Depending on the type of car wrap and the quality of application, a car wrap can last between 5 and 7 years. After that, vinyl wrap usually begins to fade and crack.

This means that the wrap will peel off and expose the paintwork underneath.

There are many different types of car wrap available on the market today. Some are more permanent than others.

Permanent car wraps are usually made from vinyl. This material is designed to withstand extreme weather conditions such as heat, rain, snow, etc.

Vinyl wraps also come with an adhesive backing, which allows them to stick to almost anything. Most permanent car wraps can be removed also before they start to peel off.

However, this is a process that requires a lot of care, so car wrap removal should be done by professionals.

How Can You Make Your Car Wrap Last Longer?

Car wraps may be cheaper than a proper paint job, but they are still expensive, so you want to make sure that you get the most out of your wrap.

There are several different things you can do to ensure that your car wrap lasts longer.

Prepare Your Car Properly

Before applying any kind of car wrap, you need to prepare the surface of your car properly. This includes cleaning the area thoroughly and removing all dirt and debris. Along with cleaning, make sure to repair any chipped paint or dents and let primer properly cure if you made any fixes to the vehicles body.

You should also remove all existing stickers or decals from the car’s body. If there is any damages in the paintwork, you should sort this out first before applying the wrap.

When preparing the car for a wrap, you should clean the entire car using a mild soap solution.

Do not use harsh chemicals such as solvents or strippers because these could cause damage to the paintwork.

You want to make sure that your car looks new after the wash, so that the vehicle is ready for a deep clean at the wrap company, or ready for when you are wrapping it yourself.

Typically, at a wrap company, a wrap technician will thoroughly clean the surface of your car with alcohol, priming it for the wrap.

Find A Good Wrap Company

After you have prepared your car, you need to find a good wrap company. A good wrap company will provide you with professional advice on what kind of car wrap would work best for your vehicle.

They will also advise you about the best time of year to apply a wrap, and whether you should apply a clear coat over top of the wrap. The wrap company can also help you choose the right color scheme and pattern for your car.

With the rise in interest in wrapping cars, there has also been a flood of bad wrap installers in the market, so you must do your homework on this.

Spend some time looking at reviews and examples of wrap companies. Not every wrap installer will do everything, so you may want to look into this too.

If you are looking for a high-quality wrap, then you should consider working with a reputable wrap company.

Use High-Quality Materials 

Use High-Quality Materials 

Another thing you can do to make your car wrap last longer is to ensure that the wrap company uses high-quality materials. Vinyl is typically the most durable and weather-resistant.

Regularly Wash Your Wrapped Car

Just like with the original paintwork, the wrap of your car is susceptible to scratches, fading, and other damage caused by the environment.

Tree sap, bird droppings, and even road salt can scratch vinyl, so regular washing is important.

However, you don’t want to go overboard with washing your wrapped car.

It is important to keep the car well maintained and clean because any dirt will increase the chances that your vinyl will peel off earlier.

Store Your Car Properly

You should store your car in a sheltered spot away from the sunlight. Sunlight can cause the vinyl to fade faster, and even crack.

This means that if you leave your car outside, you should park it under a shelter or carport.

In addition, vinyl wrap is very susceptible to extreme temperature changes, so you should make sure that you store your car in a cool place where the temperature is relatively even.

The best place to store your wrapped vehicle is in a garage. This will protect your car from pollutants, such as tree sap, bug splatter, and other environmental greases.

A garage is also much easier to control the temperature inside than an open space.

Keep Your Wrapped Car Clean

Cleaning isn’t just an essential part of preparing your car for the wrap, but it’s also important to clean your wrapped car regularly to make the wrap last longer.

Cleaning your car will remove dust, pollen, bugs, and other debris which can be transferred onto the vinyl.

Using a microfiber cloth, use warm water and soap to wash your car. You can also add a few drops of dish detergent to the water to make cleaning easier.

If you have a lot of grime build up on your car, you can use a cleaner specifically designed for removing stubborn stains and residue on car surfaces.

After washing your car, make sure that you dry it thoroughly with a microfiber cloth.


Wrapping your car is an exciting way to personalize your ride. There are many different ways to wrap your car, and getting it done professionally is the first step to ensuring the wrap lasts as long as possible.

Regardless of what type of wrap you decide to get, it is important to look after your wrapped car surface, just as you would with the original paintwork.

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