How To Fix A Ceiling Liner Of A Car

How To Fix A Ceiling Liner Of A Car

The ceiling liners in cars tend to hang down or become loose over time, but is there any way of fixing them?

When they become loose, they can hang down and affect the way that people sit in the car, so tightening them is important to make sure that they are not in the way or become a distraction. 

It can be a big distraction to have the ceiling liner hanging down, so making sure that it fits up to the ceiling is important. How can you fix the ceiling liner yourself and how difficult is it?

How To Fix A Ceiling Liner Of A Car

Do you need a professional to fix the liner and is it safe to do so yourself?

This article will show you how to fix a loose ceiling liner and make sure that it is no longer hanging down.

Having a ceiling liner hanging down too low can affect how people sit in the car and it can become a distraction, so find out more below about fixing it. 

What Is A Ceiling Liner?

A ceiling liner is found in the interior of the car and it lines the ceiling to make it smooth.

It can absorb noise and helps to control the temperature inside the car as it reduces extreme temperatures from the outside like the cold and heat from entering the car.

Over time, the lining can begin to loosen. When it does, you need to make sure that you tighten it to make sure that it doesn’t become a distraction for the driver.

The lower the ceiling liner hangs, the more chance it has of obstructing a driver’s view. 

What Causes A Ceiling Liner To Loosen?

The main cause of a ceiling liner loosening is the weather.

Extreme weather conditions can cause the fabric to become loose and hang down, so it is important to make sure that you sort the issue as soon as you notice it to prevent it from worsening. 

Overheating and dampness can cause the glue that holds the fabric to the ceiling to dissolve or melt, causing the liner to sink.

It gets in the way a lot for people who are sitting in the car, so it is important to put the liner back to normal to keep it out of the way. 

How To Fix The Ceiling Liner?

There are several ways to fix the ceiling liner that is hanging down without removing it as this can be costly, especially in older cars.

If you do not want to fix the ceiling liner yourself, you can seek help from a professional, but you can do it yourself. Find out how to fix the lining below!

Use A Steam Cleaner And A Paint Roller

Use A Steam Cleaner And A Paint Roller

This can seem like an odd combination to help fix your ceiling liner, but it can work very effectively when it is done correctly.

To begin, you will need to use the steam cleaner to melt the glue that is inside the ceiling liner to help it reattach back to the ceiling frame.

This will then give you the sticky base that you need to reattach the liner back to the ceiling. 

Using the paint roller, you can roll it over the ceiling liner to press it to the ceiling to stick to the glue. Make sure that you roll the fabric evenly to make sure that it is all stuck down and it won’t come undone.

Do not leave any parts of the fabric untouched with the paint roller as this will cause the liner to become loose and you will have to repeat the process. 

Pin It

A quick way to fix the ceiling liner is to pin it so it is out of the way.

It won’t take up a lot of time and it is very easy to do, so you can quickly fix the ceiling liner without it taking up too much time or effort. 

Simply find some pins that you can put in the ceiling liner to reattach it to the ceiling. You can use any pins that you want and you can even find pins that are safe and virtually invisible when they are used in the fabric.

You will then be able to reattach the ceiling liner to the ceiling and there will be no more liner hanging down. 

Use Glue

If your ceiling liner has come loose around the edges or is loose in the middle and you can get to it, you can apply glue to reattach the liner to the ceiling frame.

This will help to stick the liner back to the ceiling and the fresh glue will be stickier than the glue that is currently on the liner. 

The best option for gluing the ceiling liner back to the ceiling is to use spray glue.

This will make sure that the surface is coated evenly with the glue and there will be no clumpy areas. 

Twist Pins

Twist pins will not damage the ceiling liner and they are very effective at holding it in place.

You can fit them around the edges of the ceiling liner and you can even get them in clear plastic so that they are not visible. 

You can simply insert them into the fabric and twist them to make sure that they are secure.

This will help to stop the liner from hanging down in the car and it will reduce the risk of the liner obstructing the driver’s view. 

Final Thoughts

To conclude, there are several different ways that you can fix the ceiling liner in your car to make sure that it stays up and doesn’t continue to hang down.

You can ask for a professional to help, but you can also use these methods to effectively treat the problem and keep the liner out of the way. 

When using these methods, you need to make sure that the liner is secure.

Make sure that the liner is secured evenly to avoid any uneven surfaces and reduce the risk of the liner continuing to detach itself.

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