What Is A Short Hub Adapter

What Is A Short Hub Adapter?

Short hub adapters are units that were created specifically for after-market steering wheels that are still mounted in the same spot, not too near to the driver, after installing a quick release kit. 

Aluminum of the highest quality is used.

What Is A Short Hub Adapter

NRG fast releases are compatible with Short Hubs. For maximum durability and usability, this product is created with a one-piece solid structure.

This article will discuss short hub adapters and why they are used.

What Is A Short Hub Adapter?

Quality and durability are features found in short hub adapters that you might not find in other components.

A detachable steering wheel might provide you a few more inches of clearance if your rally car is too cramped for easy entry and exit. 

To make the job easier, NRG offers a choice of rapid release steering wheel hubs.

Each unit is composed of aircraft-grade aluminium that has been anodized for a long-lasting and appealing finish. 

The use of the patented locking mechanism is trouble-free. The sturdy one-piece design ensures optimal durability and usage.

Visit https://getnrg.com/collections/short-hubs-2 to check out their short hub adapters which boast the following features:

  • Made of aluminium for lightness and durability.
  • For maximum usage, solid construction is used.
  • Designed for both racing and everyday use.
  • An appealing race-inspired design.
  • A bundle of resistors is included.

What Is NRG?

NRG Innovations was founded in 2003 and quickly became known among racers all over the world for its continual spirit of continuous improvement and commitment to achieving the highest expected level of performance.

High-level suspension and exhaust components, sleek interior fittings, fuel pressure regulators, oil catch tanks, FPR gauges, classy and compact carbon fibre body accessories, racing lug nuts, magnetic oil drain plugs, and radiator cap covers are among NRG’s cutting-edge parts and accessories. 

The organization is actively growing its product portfolio and keeping up with the latest performance aftermarket developments. 

Short Hub Installation Instructions

Step 1. Ensure that the steering wheel is straight and that the OEM steering wheel and airbag are removed. 

Remove the OEM wheel according to the directions in your vehicle’s service manual.

Disconnect the airbag SRS reel from all wire harnesses by taking apart the dash/column panels.

Step 2.  Identify the horn wire, located on the harness, using a conductivity tester.

Step 3. Connect a wire to a pin connector and put this into the horn wire harness. The wire should run up your steering column.

Step 4. Find anything thin and flexible that can conduct electricity. 

For example, NRG found a hair clip, which they used as horn contact.

It was also discovered that other installers utilised a range of materials, including OEM Shoehorns, cotter pins, and conductors.

Step 5. Attach the horn wire clip which you ran up your steering column.

Step 6. Find a technique to make the wire bold up to the base of the turn signal/wire switch.

Step 7. Pay attention to the small dot which is located on your short hub. The up position of the hub is indicated by the dot. Install the hub in the upright position.

Step 8. Check that the newly constructed horn contact meets with the back of your short hub. To accommodate the small hub, the horn connection may have to be bent.

Step 9. Make a connection going out from your short hub to the wires running from the bottom of the quick release. The yellow wire will be the hot lead, so make the necessary connections.

Step 10.  Using the included screws, secure the quick release bottom to the short hub. Remember the dot that indicates the up position. The dot can also be found on the fast release’s base.

Step 11. Attach the horn button retention ring to the quick release body’s top.

Step 12. The components of the steering wheel should be installed in the following order: Ring adornment (if applicable), steering wheel with horn base.

Step 14. Don’t forget to match the topmost dots and join the horn wires properly, and you’ve finished!

NRG Quick Release Kit Information

NRG Quick Release Kit Information

Your vehicle will accept any quick release, providing the car has a short hub adapter. 

The quick release isn’t really a hub in and of itself; and it always requires the use of a short hub adapter.

In NRG’s full quick release set, the short hub adapter is really the only vehicle-specific element.

Pick-ups for horn connections are incorporated into the quick release, making bespoke horn wiring straightforward and clean.

A floating brass connection on the bottom of much of the hub adapters ensures continual connection irrespective of steering wheel position. 

Traction and volume control, and any other clock-spring-powered functionality will be deactivated. If necessary, reinstalling the stock steering wheel will restore these options.

For installation on some vehicles, the factory clock-spring setting must be removed.

After installation, the clock-spring is removed from the vehicle, potentially disabling factory features such as traction control and airbags. 

Your short hub kit, which is not available for any and all models may include 2x 2ohm resistors, which should be inserted in the SRS harness to mitigate any negative impacts of the installation.

While each component of the quick release kit can be purchased independently, NRG does not sell components of any of the three items separately.

You can’t merely buy the bottom or top portion of the short hub or quick release.

Even if your vehicle isn’t mentioned in the fitment guide on the website, you might still be able to use the quick release kit. 

A regular 70mm, 6 hole adapter is all that is required to set up the kit.

Make sure to do your homework and double-check fitment before purchasing, as the company cannot be held liable for a collection of products that are incompatible.

NRG Warranty Information

Your goods may be covered by the NRG guarantee blanket, which covers all manufacturer faults or flaws.

However, your merchandise must be returned to the store where it was purchased for inspection. 

After inspection, the company provides returns and will replace your product with one that works perfectly. 

If you are thoroughly unimpressed with the product’s quality, you have most likely encountered a counterfeit NRG product or been sold a product in poor or used condition that does not match manufacturing standards. 


If you are looking to purchase a short hub adapter for your steering wheel, make sure to do your homework and purchase the product from a reputable dealer such as NRG. 

Follow the instructions carefully and make sure you check the fitment guide before attempting to install the products.

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