Is Safety Restore Legit

Is Safety Restore Legit? A Scam? Honest Review

If you ever wanted to get your seat belts repaired or change out the color of your seat belt webbing, you most likely have come across Safety Restore online. You may then have wondered to yourself, Is Safety Restore legit? Or is it a scam?

Like anyone else searching the internet for seat belt repairs, you have some valid questions and concerns about this mail in service.

But be rest assured, I can vouch that Safety Restore is LEGIT as I am great friends with the owner and know his honest business practices and ethics.

Safety Restore

If you are trying to spruce up the interior of your vehicle, you may have had the idea of searching online to see if it was possible to change my seat belt webbing color.

Perhaps after some searches, google pulled up some search results featuring some of Safety Restore blog posts that peaked your interest. Now you are amped to see that they were providing that exact service that you are looking for!

You may have already went through their website and read up on their service to get a better feel for how they could help you achieve the goal of adding a pop of color to your vehicle’s interior.

Safety Restore’s Professional Customer Service

As you are browsing their website, they most likely had a live chat pop up come up. You will be greeted by their chatbot that eventually would connect you to one of their live agents!

If you are being a bit skeptical to use their service since have never heard of them, I recommend you ask some questions with a live agent. You will be met with professional responses. At that point, you may be willing to give them a try.

The live agents are very helpful and give helpful advice as to how you can save money if you were to do the physical labor of removing and re-installing the seatbelts yourself. They have some resources they can supply to help you out.

Being a car enthusiast with experience working on vehicles, I can see how any one with little experience can also be able to remove and install seatbelts by watching Safety Restore’s helpful video here.

Affordable Webbing Replacement Service

Being able to get your own seat belt assembly serviced instead of replacing is a huge cost savings!

Most seat belts sell for anywhere between $150-$700 and thats not to mention are hard to find at times!

The idea of being able to select a new pop of color as well made it that much more attractive! For only a $100 a belt you can get Ferrari Red belts in your car in no time!

Is Safety Restore Legit

Safety Restore Turnaround

The only downside of Safety Restore is that they are a mail in service with just one location and we all want our seat belts as soon as possible.

Surprisingly, they have a very quick turnaround! They advertise a 24 hour service turnaround from the day they receive it however, weekends can delay it. Unfortunately weekends exist so no fault on their end. Just plan accordingly to not get caught in a pickle.

Customers are responsible to ship it in at their cost with any shipping carrier and method of their choosing and Safety Restore ships it back with two day return shipping.

From the day you send it out and get it back, it is about seven working days which is very quick in my opinion. Only Amazon can beat that!


I hope my honest review of my great friends business answers your question of “is Safety Restore legit” and gets you to give them a shot! Safety Restore is NOT a scam and a legit business offering a valuable service.

If you are looking for a custom interior look, colored seatbelts definitely will give your vehicle’s interior that custom pop of color you are looking for.

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Edward Cole
Edward Cole

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One thing that I have found to be incredibly popular in the car customizing industry - by both owner and admirer - is color seatbelt customization. Having anything other than the plain black seat belts like every other car will get you being the talk of the town in no time.

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