How To Remove Factory Decals From Car

How To Remove Factory Decals From Car

Stickers and decals are both labels, but stickers are usually made out of paper and decals are usually made out of vinyl.

How To Remove Factory Decals From Car

Decals are more durable than stickers because they have a permanent adhesive, whereas stickers have a temporary adhesive. Both stickers and decals are used to identify items on vehicles. 

Most light-duty truck manufacturers use decals to declare the model, exterior package and trim levels of their trucks. Decals come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors depending on the year, make and models.

Some people find them attractive, while others dislike them. 

If you would rather have no decals on your truck , or you want to change out the factory decals because of age and fading, you will need to remove the original ones first.

If you have some spare time, you can remove your own decals by peeling off the old paint and removing the adhesive backing. How can you do this?


A hairdryer is a good solution if you only have small stickers to remove. Hold the hairdryer near the sticker until it falls apart. You should still be able to see the sticker underneath.

Heat Guns 

Heat guns are an effective method of removing decals if the decal is in new-like condition and hasn’t begun to crack. Vinyl decals can be heated-up by using a heat gun.

But heating up vinyl decals too much will cause them to become so soft from heat that they’ll stretch and break too easily when you’re trying to remove them.

Alcohol And Sharp Edges 

Some people use razors to remove the decal, but using a razor blade to scrape off the sticker is a risky process. You could easily scratch your window or get cut by the sharp edges.

Instead, using a credit card works much better and is safer. Just hold the edge of the card up to the sticker and gently rub over it until it comes free.

Soak any instruments in the alcohol for 30 minutes before use to make the process easier. 

Soapy Solution 

Window manufacturers will suggest using hot, soapy water to remove stickers. Scrubbing the windows with a rag could be sufficient if the stickers are minimal. 


Another reliable method to try is to use oil. Any oil will do.  You need to wet the residue on the window. Then you need to spray the residue with the oil. After that, you need to let the oil dry up for a while. Then you can wipe off the residue with a paper towel.

Conventional Stain Remover 

Removing stickers from windows is easy when you use this method! Spray the sticker residue with an alcohol-based cleaner and then wipe away the rest of the residue with paper towels. You’ll get rid of most of the residue and leave behind a shiny surface.

Natural Alternative 

There are many natural cleaners that work great for removing stickers and decals. Eucalyptus Oil can be used to remove sticky messes. All you need to do is use a wet rag and rub the liquid into the sticky mess until the mess begins to come off the surface.

Ice packs are also great for removing stickers from things. 

Mixing baking soda and coconut oil makes a sticky paste that loosens up stuck-on stickers. Let it sit for an hour before smearing it onto the sticker. Scrub off the sticker once it’s dry.

This is a more time-consuming process than using heat, however, if you do this correctly, you should be able to remove the adhesive without damaging your surface.


Spray bottles can be used to remove stickers from cars. You must first remove the sticker by spraying it with WD-40. Next, use a damp cloth to wipe the area clean.

After this step, cleaning with window cleaner will most probably be needed to get rid of the residue left behind.

Next Step 

Cleaning off the decal and stickiness from a new car is the least fun part about getting a new car, but once it’s done, you can continue with shining up your new set of wheels. 

Soap and water should be used to clean up any messes made during the removal of the old paint. Wait until the area is completely dry.

Benefits Of Waxing 

Benefits Of Waxing 

Car wax is a combination of carnauba wax, natural oil, beeswax, petroleum distillate, etc. This allows car wax to be used to protect the clear coat of paint. Waxing protects the car from scratching when washing the car by hand or using a car wash.

Waxing cars regularly keeps them looking new longer. Applying a coat of wax every few months protects the body of your vehicle from the damaging effects of weather elements.

In addition, waxing cars extends the life of your car. Cars’ resale values depend on many factors, including the condition of the interior and exterior. Waxing helps maintain the new-car look.

Most importantly for proud car owners, waxing makes it sparkle and shine. You can use a microfiber towel to remove the wax, and then polish the car with a clean microfiber cloth.

Waxing your car takes time, but it makes the car shiny and protects it from scratches. Invest in a high-quality wax for best results. Look at reviews to find out other people’s experiences. 

You should never wax a vehicle directly in the sun. This could cause the wax to dry too fast, leaving the paint unprotected. To avoid this problem, you can park the vehicle in a garage or under shade. 

Apply the wax using the circular motion and the provided applicator sponge. Once it’s done, your new car will be glorious and spotless and ready to do what it does best. 

In Summary 

It can be annoying having to rid your car of decal and stickers, but as we’ve seen there are plenty of effective ways to do this, so you can get on with enjoying your car. 

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