How Much Wrap Do I Need For My Car

How Much Wrap Do I Need For My Car?

Wrap is a protective covering for cars, trucks, motorcycles, RVs, boats, etc. It keeps dirt and debris from damaging the paint finish. Wraps also protect from UV rays and other harmful elements.

Wrapping your vehicle is a great way to protect it from harsh weather and outdoor elements. It can also prevent damage to your paint job or interior.

How Much Wrap Do I Need For My Car

What Is Car Vinyl Wrap?

Car vinyl wrap is an easy-to-apply film that protects vehicles from scratches, dings, scrapes, and more. It’s made from durable polyethylene plastic that resists fading and peeling if installed properly.

The material is applied with heat and pressure, which makes it ideal for wrapping most surfaces on your car.

The vinyl wrap comes in several styles and colors, so you’re sure to find one that works best for your vehicle. You can choose between clear or tinted versions, as well as different patterns and designs. Some wraps are even available in reflective materials that make them easier to see at night.

Why Should I Wrap My Car?

A good quality vinyl wrap can last many years. Over time, the paint will chip and fade and this can lead to the need for respraying. Although vinyl can peel and crack, if it is applied correctly this shouldn’t happen for around seven years and your paint won’t be affected at all.

A vinyl wrap can help protect your car against minor damage such as small dents and cracks. These damages often cost thousands of dollars to repair. By wrapping your car, you can save yourself from having to pay for costly repairs.

An added benefit of getting your car wrapped is that it makes your vehicle look more expensive and luxurious. It’s an easy way to give your ride a unique appearance without spending too much money.

How Much Vinyl Do I Need To Wrap A Car?

The amount of vinyl needed depends on whether you want a full-body wrap or just a piece of vinyl to cover one specific part of the car. For a full-body wrap, you’ll need enough vinyl to cover the entire vehicle, and this will depend on the size of your vehicle. 

Small Cars

If your car is considered a smaller car (such as an Audi A3, VW Bug, or BMW 3-series) then a wrap measuring 45 to 50 feet by 60 inches should be enough. 

Midsize Cars

Midsize cars include vehicles similar in size to a Chevy Corvette, Ford Fusion, or an Audi A5. To cover these vehicles, use wrap that measures around 50 to 60 feet by 60 inches.

Full size Cars

This category includes cars such as the Chevy Impala, Hummer, H3, and Audi A7. For these, you will need around 60 to 70 feet by 60 inches.

If it is your first time wrapping a car, it’s best to overestimate how much you need and add an extra couple of inches, just in case. You can cut this amount of vinyl into smaller sections and apply them separately, but we recommend wrapping the whole thing at once.

Basic Preparations For Car Wrapping

Before applying your car vinyl wrap, prepare the surface of your car by cleaning it thoroughly. Remove any loose dirt, grime, and road salt residue and wash away any wax or sealant that may be present.

How Much Wrap Do I Need For My Car

You should also use a wire brush or sandpaper to remove any rust or corrosion.

Next, apply a layer of primer to ensure that the new vinyl will adhere properly. Apply the primer using a sprayer or roller applicator and let it dry completely before moving forward.

How To Apply The Wrap

Apply the vinyl wrap using a heat gun or hair dryer to melt the adhesive into place. Once melted, press down firmly onto the surface. Allow the adhesive to cool slightly before carefully peeling off the backing paper, making sure that you do not tear the vinyl as you go.

If necessary, use a razor blade or utility knife to trim the edges of the vinyl, especially around door handles, windows, mirrors, and other areas where the vinyl might come in contact with sharp objects.

If you’re not careful, these areas can cause rips in your vinyl, so tread carefully.

Moreover, if you want to add additional layers of vinyl, you can repeat these steps until you’re finished. Make sure that the previous layer of vinyl is fully applied and cool before you move on to the next.

Tips For A Perfect Finish

When applying a vinyl wrap, remember to follow these tips:

  • Make sure that all parts of the vehicle are covered when applying the wrap. This includes hoods, bumpers, fenders, doors, trunks, wheel wells, and roof rails.
  • Be sure to apply the vinyl over the entire area of the vehicle, including underneath the body panels.
  • When applying the vinyl, keep in mind that the air temperature can affect how quickly the adhesive sets up. Try to apply the wrap during cooler weather if possible.
  • Use a clean rag to wipe away excess adhesive after application.
  • Avoid touching the newly wrapped vehicle while it is still hot. Wait until it has cooled completely before driving or parking.

How Much Does It Cost To Wrap A Car Yourself?

Wrap costs vary depending on what type of material you choose for the wrap. The most popular materials are vinyl and fiberglass, which cost between $20 and $40 per square foot.

Other options include aluminum foil, plastic film, and cloth. Prices also vary based on the size of the vehicle.

You may find yourself paying more than expected if you decide to do the work yourself. We suggest hiring professional help instead because they have access to tools and equipment that make the process easier.

Plus, there’s no way to know exactly how long it will take to complete the job unless you hire professionals. 

Final Thoughts

Wrapping a car is a great way to protect your car’s bodywork while also giving it a premium look. You can easily change the color and design of your car with some vinyl wrap, and it’s suitable for vehicles of all sizes.

Vinyl can also be removed quickly and easily, allowing you to either restore your car to its natural color or change it one more time.

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